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Effectively Manage Transitions

Advance Your Career

Many of us have seen colleagues lose their confidence and become victims rather than victors. Others embrace change and see possibilities. The same can be said for big promotions, geographic moves, and major corporate and life events. These are all transitions that can be managed if the variables are understood and the controllable processes are planned.

Engagement Highlights

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After a significant merger, a high-potential professional remains plateaued in her current role. The center of power and culture have shifted, and she feels like she is fighting it each day. Becoming more isolated, the executive needs a new plan for advancement.


We helped a lumbering, matrix organization work for our client's career goals. Because you can never succeed in a corporate culture alone, we helped our client identify the informal structure and how she fits in constructively. With a plan around building relationships with critical influencers, she now makes things happen within the new infrastructure in a way that is acceptable to the norms and values of the organization.

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