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Communicate Consistently with Clear Objectives

Know Your Narrative and Achieve Your Objectives

Without a clearly articulated communications plan, digital platforms will never achieve their full potential and impact. Knowing your key messages to share with specific audiences at critical times is imperative and seldom considered until just before a website launch date. A dynamic communications strategy is one that clearly articulates the brand, identifies ideal channels and opportunities to generate awareness, educates stakeholder and drives specific audiences to engage as desired.

Engagement Highlights

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Built on outdated technology and rarely updated, a client's website was in need of an extreme makeover. Their online experience was disconnected from their on-site experience. Their content was not consistent, and the last time they updated their website, the provider just repurposed old content into new technology. Most important, they missed out on new business opportunities and were losing others to the competition.


Before talking about new technology, we assessed their current website and social media channels. Then, we led the client through a process to develop a comprehensive messaging framework and content strategy that reinforced their current brand, mission and business objectives. From this critical foundation, we engaged with a Cardea Contributor to build the technology around the identified content and priorities. The result: a dynamic digital communications platform that drives users to take action.

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