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Redefine and Align Corporate Culture

Build, Align and Achieve

Culture reflects the accepted norms, values, beliefs and traditional behavior of a group. It is often encapsulated by the phrase “the way we do things around here.” Culture evolves over time and requires shared experiences, sustained interaction, the development of stories and myths, physical artifacts and rituals. Culture also is related to behaviors, ethics, etiquette, working styles and habits.

Engagement Highlights

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A leader in a newly formed organization recognized the critical need to define and build its culture. Each of his executives had competing objectives and isolated strategies. His newly hired leaders operated entirely different from those leaders with legacy knowledge of the organization. Few objectives were realized, and key stakeholders were not made aware when they did achieve significant milestones.


Culture can be shaped by thoughtfully establishing two primary tenets. First, the organization must ensure their mission clearly articulates: “Why we exist.” Second, the leadership team must create shared beliefs, which become the ground rules for how things are done going forward. We helped our client develop and communicate the overarching strategy, mature the culture through the development and articulation of shared beliefs and ensured all stakeholders bought in and were aligned.

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